‘Blaise a trail’…

…The story behind the phrase.

‘Blaise’ is my middle name and like any young child growing up, there was some embarrassment towards it. Blaise was, and still is, a rather unusual name. I even preferred my first name shortened to ‘Steph’ instead of Stephanie. Short, sharp, and minimal was favoured.

Living in Japan and Hong Kong before moving to England I spent a lot of time getting involved in outdoor activities such as skiing, tennis and swimming. I am very grateful to have grown up in such a positive and active environment. My parents encouraged my brothers, sisters and I to get involved in as many sports and activities as possible. Being one of five children this certainly ingrained a healthy competitive streak in us all! 

My enjoyment of sports continued throughout my school years and over the years I started to forge my own path in my passion of fitness, health and well-being. I continue to learn, understand and accept myself with sport playing a big role in my journey. As a result I also grew to love my name and say it proudly. The word ‘Blaise’- and the association I see with having perseverance, setting a goal and owning your path – leads to the phrase of ‘Blaise a trail’ being created (as in ‘Blaze’) following a wonderful conversation with my Father. 

In my experiences thus far, the journey of fitness, health, and wellbeing has encountered many ups and downs – as is inevitable in all aspects of life. However, the grit, determination, underlying passion and enjoyment I have for living an active and healthy life sets the discipline and underlying motivation for when I need it to stick to my path. 

Plot your path and go for your dreams, never give up in moments of doubt and hardship.

This is something I strongly believe in. We will never be perfect, but we can sure try to do our best every day. 

So ‘Blaise a trail’ is my interpretation, my intention, and my gift to you. The journey in which you embark on is especially personal, your own trail – be it on grass, at sea, in a gym, up or down a mountain or across the beach – it is your journey, your trail, your life. You have the choice and you deserve to live it fully.

Learn from the lows, celebrate the highs, and accept the peaks and troughs – for these create the beautiful and unique steps of the powerful journey that is yours to be lived.

With what I have learnt and achieved on my own personal trail, in addition what I continue to learn and discover, will in turn assist to lead and guide you on your own journey.

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